Bio? (gotta start somewhere)

Name: Link aka. The Hero of Time

Age: 21 ~25

Height:  6’ ft

Weight: 165 lbs

Birthday: unknown, but celebrates it on June 15th

History: Link at this time is years after his adventures during The Ocarina of Time.  After saving the land Link became known for his heroics and skill with the sword.  As he traveled eventually the monsters began to become fewer and the quests he was sent on became less and less important until he realized that even though he was in his early twenties he had become a relic of a harsher time and he was no longer needed.  He then decided that he would go to the Temple of Time and place his weapons and gear there so one day, if it was needed, the next chosen hero would have what he needs.  But as he placed the Master Sword into it’s pedestal he was swept away from the land of Hyrule.

Likes: Traveling, Navi, Fishing, Puzzles, Fried Cucco

Dislikes: Spiders, Dictators, Giant owls, Liars, pots










Currently: Link has appeared in the deserts of Suna in the Elemental Nations.  He decided that he would not join up with any one nation but file to become a wandering adventurer/nin